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I designed and made this bag for a an old pal of mine. I left Taiwan when I was 13 years old. I met a lady a few years ago through an event I organized for kids in our community. She told me that her husband claimed to be my fifth grade classmate in Taiwan. Upon learning his name, I confirmed that it was TRUE! We hadn't kept in touch since elementary school. It was more than shocking to me to connect again in the same foreign country after more than thirty years! Not only that, he only lived 30 minutes away from me. It's hard to describe the warmth of seeing a childhood friend from my far away home town. We had such a good time reminiscing our past with our families. He is a successful dentist with a beautiful wife and two great kids. 

This bag measures 12-1/2"W X 10"H X 4"D. 

Old Pal LC Bag

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