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I was born and raised in Taiwan and decided to stay in America after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Manufacturing Management. After working for 7 years as an engineer, I decided to forgo my career in order to stay home to care for my newborn. I live in Southern California with my husband and kids and attend Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena. I travel often to Taiwan to care for my mom. I also volunteer at City of Hope in Duarte California during my spare time as I am a breast cancer survivor.


CHIJEN is my name in Chinese. It means unique, special and genuine. I thought it was perfect for my products because my designs are unique compared to other run of the mills bags in the market and they are made with quality materials and meticulous craftmanship that would endure the test of time.  

It is my hope that my little home business will someday grow into a company that provides stay-home moms career opportunities with flexible hours and allow them to work from home so they can improve their finances and at the same time care for their families.

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