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Not to buck the tradition with foot-measuring, it's just my need as a mechanical engineer to want things to be efficient and accurate. So I designed and made this border not only to ensure easy and quick setup but also to eliminate the anxiety of having to lose the argument of whether the Kubb is 50% in or out of bounds!!!


This border measures 8m X 5m. The border material is mildew and rot resistant. Labels are water and tear resistant. Positions of the Kubbs and the king are clearly marked on the borders. The inside diameter of the rings there the Kubb stakes go in is 0.5" (12mm).


Helpful Hints: Border lines are white. Center line is orange. Setup instruction is included with the border. Match color coded corner labels to form the big white rectangle. Then stake the orange center line by matching the round leather label. DO NOT stake the lines too tight. It's hard for the king or the Kubbs to stand on taut lines. Wind the borders back up on the cardboard so the lines do not get tangles.

Easy Kubb Border