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Your Needs:

Let me know what you would like to use the bag for and what you would like to put in it. For the bag shown above, my friend said he would like to use it as a camera bag with adjustable and padded partitions to safely accommodate his camera, lens and laptop. He also would like secured spaces to  store cables, chargers and miscellaneous items because he liked to have them organized without falling out. Since he carried a water bottle all the time, a space for his water bottle would be nice. And when he didn't need his camera or lens, he would like to be able to remove the partitions to accommodate his folders and other things. Also if it rained, he would really love to have a rain-cover to shield his leather bag.

(Can you imagine finding a bag like that? )


The Design:

We would start with the type of leather you would like your bag to be made of. Next, based on the leather you choose, we will work on the design inside and outside plus the hardware until you are fully satisfied. I will then make a prototype out of paper so you can have an idea of what your bag is going to look like.

For the bag shown above, I took my friend to my favorite leather shop so he could pick out his leather. I prefer high quality leather that show their natural grain pattern, like a cowhide named Latigo. It is super durable and is one of the most expensive leather. My products are mostly made from that.


The Fitting:

Other than making sure your bag serves the functions you specify, I also make sure it compliment your physique, like the bag is not too big or too small on you. And that the straps are at the length that make you feel the most comfortable. 


I make patterns from the final version of the paper prototype before I cut the leather. I score each piece before punching holes on them, burnish all the edges and assemble them by hand sewing them together with your choice of wax thread. Every bag I make has a liner to fulfill the required functionality and to finish the look. The production process takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

The Cost:

It starts at $1200 and it includes all the leather, liner material, basic hardware and wax threads. The price goes up depending on the complexity of your design and the amount of labor required to complete your bag. If you choose designs from my existing MEN or WOMEN collections and just add a few of your own design details, that means if I don't have to make new patterns, then the price starts at $850.


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